Monday, December 13, 2010

Sometimes Wearing Polyester is Just Easier

December 13, 2010

Sweater: Sears
Skirt: Ricki's
Shoes: Naturalizer

I have been sick for the past few days and have been very unfashionable. I"m on the mend but still feeling a bit "off". Today's outfit was all about ease and NOT steaming or ironing. Sometimes polyester is just easier.


  1. Awww so sorry to hear you've been sick.

    I personally think this outfit is the perfect mix of comfy and cute.

    Feel better


  2. Feel better! You look lovely...I want that skirt:)

  3. Thanks Melissa! I'm feeling much better today but RDog seems to have caught my cold. Opps!

  4. You look adorable. I would have never guessed you were not feeling well. Rest up - and you should be back to yourself in no time!

  5. Sorry you're not feeling well - you look lovely. I'm starting to give in a little bit to polyester, too. It's in so many things and yes, sometimes it looks better.

  6. Hope you and RDog get well soon. The bug's going around our office as well. Really HOPING I don't catch it before I go home for the holidays! Lovely OOTD, thanks for posting!