Monday, July 30, 2012

July Purchases

July Purchases

Old Navy Printed Tank Dress - $20.95 x 2
Old Navy Boatneck Sweater - $19.56 x 2
Old Navy Sequined Jersey Tank - $8.40
Naturalizer Torino Ballet Flats - $27.00
Naturalizer Diara Flats (in black) - $36.00
Gap Factory Bracelets (not shown) - $7.00 and $9.99

Grand Total: $169.41

Not shown are all my thrifting treasures this month (hello Marc Jacobs silk blouse for $3!). I am too lazy to tally up a bunch of three dollar items AND take pictures of them.

I love (d) my new Old Navy dresses. They were perfect for summer days around the house. "Were" is the key word here.

When I bought them, I broke my fabric rule (try to get the least amount of synthetic fabric as possible). These dresses are 100% rayon. I put the pink dress in my washer on the hand wash setting, a setting I have used to wash silk, cashmere, and wool sweaters successfully. The dress came out miniature sized. So much for the greatness of tall sizes; it is now unwearable. The black dress is still on the go; it's just getting really dirty.

Darn rayon!

I had a great rayon skirt when I was a kid. It was long, black with beige flowers and black buttons up the front. My mom worked at Zellers and I once did a Zellers' fashion show at her store. I wore the skirt with a black body suit and a kicking long silver necklace. After the show, we had the option of buying the outfit at a discounted price. My mom bought it for me. I was so excited; I didn't get a lot of new clothes as a kid and rarely got new outfits.

The skirt was rayon and eventually shrunk. It was devastating. I really loved that skirt. It put me off rayon for almost twenty years. I was hoping my fancy washing machine could handle the fabric but I think rayon is too sneaky for me. I'm swearing off rayon again.

And to complete this trip down memory lane, I dug out this gem.

This is me wearing my favorite rayon skirt, pre-shrinkage. I would guess that I was about 13 years old here. Check out the eyebrows - woah!

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