Saturday, February 23, 2013

Big News!

Big news

A baby is on his/her way! Expected to arrive August 30, 2013!

It's been a rough couple of months for me, hence the lack of blog posting lately.

First of all, I was hit hard with morning sickness, which ironically only came around at night. I always thought I would be  totally healthy during pregnancy, workout everyday and eat well. Yah, that didn't last. When I was feeling constantly nauseous  all I wanted to do was eat unhealthy junk, mostly carbs and ice cream. Poor RDog, took great care of whinny me, bringing me whatever junk food I was craving that day. He also made a cosy little bed in our office/tv room so I could lay in bed all night and watch tv and be near him while he worked on his computer. Thankfully, the morning sickness has disappeared; it was a bitch for sure!

Another thing that worried me (it's going to get TMI in here) was spotting. I spotted from the beginning of my pregnancy until about week 11. It took me a long time to get into the obstetrics clinic (5 week wait for the first appointment) so I just had to rely on my family doctor (who is kind of a quack). Thankfully, my family doctor got me in for an ultra sound fairly quickly  So we were able to see our little blob and his/her heartbeat early at 8 weeks. Then he told me I had fibroids and that's pretty much all he said. So I went home and hit Google of course and became terrified. During this time, I stopped exercising on my family doctor's advice.  All I basically did for 5 weeks was go to work, come home and lay in bed.

And then the eczema hit. It was so bad; all over my body, including my face. I used cortisone cream at first but then my family doctor got mad at me and said "I was asking for trouble" by using that. But he couldn't offer any alternative to fix it. I went to see a naturpathic doctor who thought it was dietary and suggested a crazy diet (which I have since stopped).

So all this together made for a pretty worried and stressed KDot. Oh and RDog decided to quit his job 3 weeks ago and add financial stress to that pile. To his credit, RDog's new job is turning out great. He took a little cut in pay but a big cut in stress. So I think it will be a good thing.

Finally, this Thursday, I had my first appointment at the obstetrics clinic. I was so worried beforehand, asking RDog, "What if they are mean?" "What is they get mad at me for using the cortisone cream?" But it was just an awesome experience.

The obstetrics clinic is attached to a university hospital so there are lots of student doctors around, which I really don't mind. They are really careful that they do a thorough job. I actually had 3 doctors; a student doctor, a resident and the real doctor. The appointment took a long time (4 hours - I had to go get a snack in the middle) but I left feeling better than I've felt in a long time.

The overall message was don't worry, everything looks great, exercise, eat healthy and relax. My fibroids are really tiny (under 1cm) and they'll be monitored but the doctor was not concerned. They told not to worry about using cortisone cream, it was just a few times so it wasn't going to cause harm. In fact, the doctor came in the room, took one look at me and said, "We're going to get you into see a dermatologist." And she did, within hours! I've been waiting for a year and half to see see a dermatologist  And they said I don't have to see my family doctor for anything, I can just call them for anything, baby related or not. So no more scare tactics from him. And after the first appointment, there is no longer a wait to get in to the clinic.

We also got to hear the heartbeat for the first time on Thursday. The nurse was smart and suggested we record it with our cellphones. It was nice to be able to send out parents the video clip. In fact, that was how we told our brothers we are expecting  we just emailed the clip of the heartbeat sound and said, "Can you guess what this is?"

Now that we've heard the heartbeat and are officially in the second trimester, we've started to let people in on the news. My mom works in retail and yesterday she told every person that came into her store. She is really excited!

Today I'm just filled with lots of joy and positive thinking. Rdog and I have started talking and making plans for when the baby arrives (we went furniture shopping this morning). Everyone who hears the news is so supportive and happy. I feel really loved!

 I couldn't wait to tell my blogging friends my big news. I look forward to rocking this bump once it becomes larger. I already started maternity clothes shopping and can't wait to be a stylish momma!

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