Friday, March 1, 2013

February Purchases

February Purchases

Old Navy Maternity Scoop Rib-Knit Tanks - $10x$ = $40.00
J Crew Factory Pinwheel Stud Earrings - $11.55
H&M Black Pants - $29.95
H&M Jeggings (not shown)- $39.95
H&M  Jersey Top - $12.95
H&M Woven Top (not shown) - $10.00
J Crew Organza Flower (seen here) - $7.19

Total: $151.59

I was so excited to find out earlier this month that my local Old Navy has added a maternity section. Maternity clothing stores (at a reasonable prices) are in short supply around here and Old Navy does not currently offer maternity clothes online in Canada. I snatched up four of these tanks because I wear ribbed tanks quite often and my usual tanks are getting a little short. I plan to wear these a lot layered with my vast collection of cardigans.

Yes, I am wearing maternity pants already and I love them! Waistbands of any kind have been bothering me for the last few weeks. My pants and skirts fit but they feel so uncomfortable. Now that I have switched to a maternity waist band, I may never go back. Seriously, they are the greatest thing ever!

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