Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shoes, shoes, glorious shoes

Five minutes after I arrived home tonight, my doorbell rang. The shoes I ordered Saturday arrived (well, four pairs out of the six). Yay for Canadian shipping! I'm so used to delays with everything I order from the US.

First of all we have the Margaret in medium grey. I couldn't squeeze my wide feet into them so they are going back.

Then I tried the Flomare in taupe. There is a little scuff mark on the side but, at $14, I don't really care. They fit perfectly. It's a different show color for me as I usually do just black and brown, but I am looking forward to experimenting a bit this spring.

Next were a pair called Froagii in red. I'm not too big on red shoes but on the website, they looked more pink so I ordered hoping they would not be too red. I think Spring should check their definition of red because these shoes are a definite pink. I love them and they fit nicely.
The final pair belongs to DH and he is not yet home to comment. Overall, I am pleased with my shoes. 2 out of 3 keepers is not bad.

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