Thursday, July 30, 2009


Skirt: Banana Republic
Tank: Lacoste
Shoes: Merona found at Mardens in Maine for 3 bucks
Bracelet: Forever 21 necklace

Finally I'm feeling like putting some thought into my clothing choices of the day. This week has been stressful for me. The new cat is still trying to get used to her new home and family. Introductions between her and Kitty have been ok. There is a hiss and a paw raised once in awhile. She is slow to get used to us. I suppose it doesn't help that we have to shove pills down her throat twice a day. Her UTI is getting better so there are no more accidents for me to clean up. She cries a lot at night because she really wants to go outside. She tore a huge hole in one of our window screens in a fight to get out. Thankfully it was on the second floor and she had enough sense not to jump out. It was an old window too that is getting replaced this week.

I went for a looooong stretch of days with no sleep. I think it was a combination of worrying about the new cat and the heat. I don't do well in heat and it has been 30 + degrees everyday this week. YUCK! Add into that our house construction which means that the windows need to be closed to stop the cancer causing asbestos siding from floating in the house. This plus no air conditioning makes KDot a sweaty girl.

The construction, even though the bulk of it is outside, is very messy. Who knew that changing windows would cause massive amounts of dirt! This neat freak cannot handle it. The upstairs bathroom window was changed yesterday and I have cleaned the bathroom three times already. The dirt keeps on floating back. Outside my yard looks like a war recently took place. My flower beds are destroyed and there is crap littered throughout the lawn. I have to keep thinking about the finished product and how pretty it will look when it is done.

Ok, rant over.

Today is a relatively cooler day so I am not sweat girl. It is raining off and on which means little work is being done. It's good because I need a break. Im heading to the mall for a special $5 coffee (mmmm, skinny vanilla bean latte). I'm armed with my 30% Friends and Family coupon. Hopefully the cats don't destroy each other and the house while I'm gone.


  1. House construction stinks but the end result is worth it. And good luck with your kitties.

  2. I'd suggest going to stay in a hotel while the work gets done, but it's hard to find a good hotel that will take pets...and with a new kitty, it would be even tougher :)

    Everyone thinks cats are low maintainance loners, but they're so wrong, aren't they? Sometimes I think cats are higher maintainance than dogs :P

  3. Actually I've had way more trouble introducing cats, you seem to be doing well!
    Hope the mall trip is successful!

  4. Renovating is not fun. Keep in mind the other side, it will be worth it! I know about the dirt and dust floating back, I am also a neat freak. It needs to keep settling, a few cleans later, gone forever!
    Hope you had a good outing at the mall with the awesome coupon. Hope you scored!

  5. ):

    But no worries - your renovation and kitty woes are temporary!! And the happy after effects will be forever!!

  6. I Mad Men-ed myself and ended up looking like a nerdly old lady!

  7. Thanks everyone. I'm keeping the end result in mind. I keep on thinking about how pretty it will be when it is done. We're over the half way point. Yeah!

    The cats are really doing well with the introductions. They are both free to roam the house all the time. The only time there is a scuffle is when they both want to sit in some our of prime cat sleeping locations.