Friday, January 22, 2010


Cardigan: Banana Republic
Tank: from Beyond the Rack, I forget the brand name.
Necklace: a J Crew wannabe from EBay
Jeans: Reitman's
Shoes: Naturalizer

Today was not our scheduled jeans day at school but our district decided to have an extra jeans day to raise money for the relief effort in Haiti. My school district, which numbers 18,000 students and staff, is trying to raise $90,000 ($5 per person). The catastrophe has hit home for a lot of people around here. Not only are we feeling for the Haitians but also for one of our own. A former RCMP officer from our city, whose wife used to be a teacher in our school district, died last week in Haiti while on a peacekeeping mission.

After I mentioned the earthquake last week in my grade 9 social studies class and only one student knew what I was talking about, I spent a couple of classes looking at Haiti and what has and is going on there. Luckily, it tied in nicely with my last unit on the United Nations. Yesterday, one of my students, who herself has had a tough life already (most notably because she had a baby when she was 13), remarked to me that learning about Haiti has made her feel so lucky to be Canadian. We are all so lucky.


  1. Good for you, and your school trying to donate that for Haiti. I too, am finding myself that I will be donating my money as I found out one of my loved ones lost their lives in the Haiti earthquake.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss Spiffy. :-(

  3. The high school my teens attend also had a fundraiser for Haiti yesterday. A teacher who discusses these issues is so valuable. You rock, KDot!

  4. So sad.

    It's crazy how kids these days can be so connected and so DISconnected at the same time!!!

  5. Wow - great story. Sounds like you are doing good things.

    I love that cardigan so, so much and it looks fantastic paired with that necklace and the boots!

  6. You sound like a great teacher! And the fundraiser sounds like a good idea--glad to hear that so many people and organizations are getting involved.

    Fashion question: is Reitman's a department store, or a brand? I am always on the look out for great fitting jeans that aren't all whiskered.

  7. *blushes* Thank Dani

    PFP, kids live in their own little bubble these days. It amazes me sometimes how they lack knowledge about anything beyond their life.

    Thank you Kyla. Your comments about this cardigan the last time I wore it convinced me I need to wear it more often!

  8. E, Reitman`s is a clothing store in Canada that I think could be found in most malls around here. They brand it as working clothes for real women. They`re the only jeans I can find to fit my thighs of thunder.

  9. I don't believe you have thighs of thunder! But, if you do, then I *really* want to get my hands on a pair of those jeans because your legs look great. :)

  10. Thanks e. They're not exactly thighs of thunder but it's where I carry any extra weight. Sometimes pants shopping is a pain!