Thursday, January 14, 2010

No outfits, too tired

I have no pictures to share from today or yesterday. My inspiration is lacking. I'm going through something unfamiliar to what Danielle is feeling over at Fell 4 Fashion. I know my problem is related to my iron level. I've always had problems with iron and can feel it's low right now. I am just wiped out at the end of my day.The cold I have and the cold weather outside don't help matters either.

Never fear, I have something in mind for my outfit for tomorrow so I'll be back. Temperatures are warming up to above zero so I can wear a skirt! Yay!

In the mean time, I'll leave you with a picture of what is getting me through the days; thoughts of March Break.

We'll be in warm and sunny Los Cabos in 44 sleeps. Yes, I'm counting the sleeps.


  1. It is a brutal time of year for us Canucks. i am so happy you are getting away for March Break.
    Make sure you're taking your Iron! I struggled with anemia for years, it can be very debilitating. I am only just better these last few months, after years of supplements. Look after yourself, KDot! :)

  2. It's not just you! I think all high school teachers feel the same at this time of year. We are sick of teaching the classes we have, are dreading marking 90 exam papers and we haven't seen the sun for more than 8 hours in months.

    Keep your chin up, spring will arrive eventually. And the new semester brings with it new students, more P.A. Days and March Break!

  3. Thank you for you concern Dani. I am taking iron but I find it hurts my stomach! If we don't have a snow day soon, I may take a sick day just to rest up.

    Casey, I can't wait for the end of the semester. We only have one week left until exams! I love exam week because I have a lot of flexibility with my time. I also only have 24 exams to mark. Woot! I mostly teach grade 9 English and they have provincial testing instead of an exam. Provincial testing means someone else marks it! Yay!

  4. I can't wait to get rid of my 11U Bio class...they do nothing but haggle for 1/2 marks every time I return a test/quiz. So annoying.

    I love you blog, it's great reading!

    Here's mine: