Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Giving Boden a Try

Dress: Boden via EBay
Belt: H&M
Shoes: The Bay

Dinagideon over at My Superfluities raves so much about Boden that I had to give it a try. I managed to score two new Boden dresses on EBay for under $20 each and thought it would be a perfect way to test drive this brand. My verdict; I love it! The fabric is beautiful and I love that their dresses and skirts come in tall sizes. Being 5'10" makes it a challenge to find dresses that are long enough, especially for work wear. I will definitely be giving the actual Boden website a try, although it is a bummer that Canadians have to order off the UK site.

Besides Dina, are there any other Boden fans out there?


  1. Wow, did not realize you are so tall! Dress looks great on you :)

  2. Yah, I'm a friendly giant with long monkey arms :P

  3. Hi! I am relieved that you love it. Once I steered someone to Boden and they bought a product they HATED! :) I hope they gave it another chance, lol.

    Not to tempt you but the boden preview is up for a look-see (Fall 2010) over at www.bodenpreview.com. I usually get most of my Boden items early and only buy every once in awhile during the "real" season. I love the 20% off with free shipping and returns. (Pretty good deal overall as the best Boden does outside of preview and the sale time is 30% off and that is only every once in awhile!)

    You look great, by the way. I love the shape of the dress on you...perfection.

  4. 20% off! How did you get that?

  5. Just saw this! I clicked on the bodenpreview web site and the 20% off was at the top in the header. I clicked on that and it was applied to everything in my bag. Saved a bit that way!!! Hope that helps!

  6. I didn't think Boden shipped to Canada? I love there stuff too and you inspired me to do some e-bay searching for their clothes.