Monday, November 8, 2010

Green, Green, Everywhere

December 8, 2010

Today's outfit picture was relocated inside, not because I couldn't stand the fall cold, because I couldn't stand the rain! It has been raining for days and days. Ugggh!

With this picture, you get a great shot of the green overload we have been enduring. You may think it's not a bad color, but almost every surface in our house has been painted the same color. Every wall, every door. It's too much green! Expect to see a green back ground in indoor outfit pictures for months to come. Especially since RDog has decried that he wants to be thrifty and have us (meaning me) paint the house. And I am a sloooow painter. Blurg!

Anyway, enough complaining, on to the clothes.

Sweater: Sears
Pearls: The Bay
Skirt: Cassis
Shoes: Naturalizer
Poppy: For Remembrance Day


  1. Welcome to my life... except beige instead of green. I'm slowly but surely painting things a neutral gray. :-/

    That said, you have very pretty molding around your doors. Lucky girl!

  2. OK, I need a new monitor! All I see is beige. :)

  3. I'm with the others. Green? What green? BTW, you're wearing an "all-Canadian" outfit...OK, except for the shoes. Very patriotic :)

  4. That's odd that the picture shows it as beige. In real life, it is green, green, green. Bleh!