Saturday, April 13, 2013

20 Weeks

Weeks 19 and 20 have been really rough weeks.

It started over a week ago on a Thursday. My tights were really hurting me. Now, tights can often me uncomfortable on my belly but normally I can readjust and find a spot for the waistband to rest comfortably. That wasn't happening on this day. I couldn't wait to leave school and get in my car so I could take the darn things off.

I thought the pain was gas so I did some things to rectify that, spent a sleepless night in pain and went to school the next morning. That probably wasn't the smartest thing; I spent the day hobbling through the hallways or reclines in my desk chair. To stand or sit up straight was painful.

I also noticed a large lump on the right side of my belly. Now when I think about it, the lump had been around for a few weeks but I didn't often notice it. It only appeared on weekends when I was relaxing in bed with hands on my belly really searching for baby movement. I thought it was part if the uterus or my baby and didn't think that much about it. Now the bump was noticeably sticking out of belly at all times. It was large, hard and PAINFUL.

I went home and called labour and delivery and they told me to go to the Emergency Room. I ignored that advice; I did not want to be one of those first time mothers who runs to the hospital with every little symptom. I called my mother and asked her what I should do. Her response: "Go to the hospital." I asked RDog. His response: "Let's go to the hospital." Finally after the pain got worse and worse, we went to the hospital at 9 that night.

It's amazing how fast you are admitted into emergency when you come in at 19 weeks pregnant with symptoms that may be appendicitis.

In no time at all, I was in a room surrounded by doctors. Yup, at one point I had four doctors poking my stomach. It wasn't appendicitis,  it may be a hernia; no one was really sure. I piped up, "What about those fibroids that were found at my 8 week ultrasound." The response was that they were so tiny, they couldn't possibly be causing this. The doctors decided that since I wasn't in extreme pain and my vitals were good, they would admit me to keep an eye on me overnight and get me in for an ultrasound first thing Saturday morning.

And that is the story of my first overnight hospital visit!

By 12 pm that night, I was snug in bed in a room in labour and delivery surrounded by crying babies with an awesome nurse who kept watch on me all night (and with tylenol to help with the pain). Oh and that awesome nurse, while admitting me, told me my weigh gain was just fine. Love her! Early that morning, I got my first taste of hospital food (gross) and was wheeled down to get my ultrasound.

The first thing the tech said was, "Did the doctors think it was your fibroids?" Thank you for agreeing with my tech! I felt all along that's what it was. She quickly corrected herself and said she couldn't really say and that I'd have to talk to the doctor.

After a very painful ultrasound - all that pushing on my stomach hurt, I was wheeled back up to my room where RDog and I spend the morning relaxing and waiting for the doctor.

It turns out, the pain was caused by my fibroids. They have grown! I have have seven growths, none bigger than 4 cm but they are all clustered together in one big lump. They are on the outside of my uterus so that's why I can see and feel them. The good news, they are far from the baby and the baby is doing fine.

I was then sent home with some anti-inflammatory pills. The medication does the trick but unfortunately it makes me feel really stoned! I can only take them at night because I would not be able to function at school. The bad news is, I can only take them until 24 weeks. So I will go back to the doctor in a few weeks to figure out what to do next.

So, there you have it; the recent drama in my life. Now on to the baby update:

How far along: 20 weeks

Development:  MiniDot is the size of a banana

Movement: Sometimes. . . I'm still trying to figure out what it feels like

Weight Gain: 20 pounds - 3 more came this week when I was too uncomfortable to exercise

Maternity Clothes:  For sure!

Stretch Marks:  None. But they are coming

Best moment of my week:  Seeing the bassinet my dad is making us and sharing the gender with family and friends.

Worst moment:  The pain of fibroids!

Sleep:  Better now. My medication knocks me right out.

Miss Anything:  Alcohol - I had a craving for champagne this week

Food Cravings: Candy - peeps, jubjubes, bottle caps, bely beans - I want it all!

Aversions:  The look of some salads I used to love still grosses me out. 

Gender:  Oh yah, I forgot to mention - IT'S A BOY!

20 Weeks

Symptoms: I haven't notice anything but I have been pretty focused on the fibroids.

Belly Button: In, but quickly changing (and freaking me out).

Rings:  On

Moody or Happy:  Pretty happy most of the time except when I get loopy from my medication.

Looking Forward: Getting the nursery ready! Now that we know know the gender, I can decorate!

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