Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Ricki's Skirt and Coupon Codes

December 2, 2010

Sweater: Banana Republic
Skirt: Ricki's
Shoes: Naturalizer

Another Ricki's item. My first order went so well, I placed another one last weekend. It helped that they emailed me a free shipping code as an apology for my package taking so long to arrive. It took only a week to arrive and really wasn't that long of a wait. But I really appreciate free shipping. My package arrived with more coupon codes and it looks like they are multi-use so here they are for your shopping pleasure.

Free shipping: SHIPD23
Free shipping on purchases over $50 at Bootlegger: BPWEBFREE and Cleo: CPWEBFREE.

All codes are good until December 23. Enjoy Canadian readers.


  1. yay for good shopping "in country"! lovely outfit...but aren't you cold!? ;)

  2. It was super mild today. It melted all the snow!