Saturday, June 4, 2011

Free Loot

Inspired by Ms. January, I have started couponing and saving reward points. I love the rush of getting a good deal! This weekend I had two good hauls. I'm so excited about my free loot, I have to share.

The first is the Eureka steamer from Sears, regular $99 but scored for free! I had Sears Club Points from a furniture purchase we made in the fall. There was a bonus Sears Club promotion running so I got loads of points. I bought a white Christmas tree in December with my points and still have enough for one more purchase (maybe this).

We had a big party last weekend so lots of dirty shoes were in my house. I just couldn't get all the dirt off the floors, so I turned to the steamer. It did the trick with no chemicals and it was kind of fun to use. Yup, I spent Friday night cleaning my floors and I had a blast!

The next part of my free loot was purchased this morning with my Shoppers' Optimum Points. Shoppers is the Canadian version of Rite Aid for any Americans out there. I buy my regular cosmetics there any time there is a bonus point sale (usually about once a month there is a 20x the points event). About three times year, I have enough points for at least $150 worth of stuff.

Today I had enough for $200 and decided to spend it on fancy make-up. Here's what I got.

June 4, 2011

Two Rimmel lipsticks - I have been craving a new pink lipstick for awhile

Dry Shampoo - This may sound gross, but I've stopped washing my hair every day. On the days between washings, I use this to tame the grease.

Pur minerals powder

Pur minerals powder brush - I use the cheap Shoppers' brand of makeup brushes that leave little black hairs all over my face. I'm going to start slowly replacing them.

Evital Face SPF 50 - My doctor thinks I am allergic to parabens because I've had some fierce reactions to lotions and sun screen. This is one of the few brands I know won't make my skin freak out.

Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener

La Roche-Posay SPF sunscreen - another brand that is gentle on my skin. It's a bit pricey for sunscreen but needed because I plan on spending many hours in the pool this summer.

Dior Show Mascara - My favorite mascara that I rarely buy. $31 for a tube of mascara that I'll go through in two months is kind of crazy. This is a big treat.

Evital Moisturizer - my daily moisturizer with SPF 30

Lise Watier blush brush

RDog seemed underwhelmed with my loot. 200 dollars of stuff fit in a very small bag. But I am excited because I got some great products and I had so much fun when I got home trying on my new stuff.

Any other Canadians out there collect Shoppers' points? Do you have any store points hauls to share?


  1. So funny KDot, just today I have my first Optimum card from Shoppers.
    it is the La Roche-Posay that sucked me in, the sunscreen is amazing! Parabens pretty much make me break-out completely in hives, this product is amazing, I wear the 60 on my face and I love it, $27 at Shoppers, great deal. Just discovered it and I am hooked.
    I do collect points with my Bay card which is pretty great too. You have to go for the free stuff, why not there are so many opportunities!

    Next I am going to try that Dior mascara, I have read great things about it.
    Enjoy the weekend, and your haul!

  2. I never seem to manage to get many points from Shoppers - I remember when the Optimum card came out in like 1996 or something like that. I racked up points for YEARS. Never redeeming them. I had something like $800 worth. Then last year or the year before my Boyfriend and I went hog wild in Shoppers when they had a sale (where you use less points and get even MORE free stuff).

    It was awesome. Now, I'm back up to $30 worth of points or something.

  3. I've only recently started collecting Optimum points and love them...I can't believe I've been spending so much at Shoppers and NOT getting in on the action! I have a while to go before I get $200 worth though...

    I've recently purchased the Batista dry shampoo and am loving it!


  4. Dani, collecting the points is fun (and addictive).

    La Roche-Posay is the line I use for most of my facial products. It's great! Do try the Dior mascara. If you are a fan of big brush mascara, you'll love it.

    Happy Sunday!

  5. Nancy, that must have been a fun shopping spree!

    TheJMay, the key is to shop at Shoppers on their bonus points days 9usually its Saturday). If you collect points the normal way, it will take forever for them to add up.