Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Budget

Now that I'm 30 (gulp), I"m trying to be more mature and budget my money (instead of getting a pay cheque and promptly spending it).

I saw an idea on J's EveryDay Fashion and have decided to steal it. Every month, she has a post about her purchases to keep her clothing budget in check. I have decided to do the same.

First of all, I think it will help keep me accountable with my shopping habit. If I know the exact amount I have spent the previous month, perhaps I will rethink rash purchases. I often delude myself into thinking I have spent less that I actually have.

It will also be a way for RDog to keep an eye on my spending. We have, for the most part, separate finances. Sometimes he gets annoyed the amount of packages that arrive on our door step. He always assumes I've been going crazy with the ordering! This way, he will know how much (or how little hopefully) I have been shopping.

I'm not setting a strict budget because with me, it would lead straight to failure. I'd like my monthly clothes spending to be around $200 or less a month.

So here goes. Here is what I bought in August:

August Purchases

1. Naturalizer shoes - $39.54 (I used my $15 off birthday coupon)
2. J Crew Factory belt - $10.01
3. J Crew Cherry Blossom France Blouse (found on EBay)- $17.44
4. Talbots Jeans - $21.99
5. Old Navy Skirt (I'm trying out the maxi skirt trend) - $20
6. Land's End Canvas belt - $13.22
7. Talbots dress - $32.04

Grand Total - $154.11

Not too shabby.

Keeping track of my purchases made me rethink my iffy purchases. There were a few more items on this list but I returned them because I wasn't totally in love.

My needs for the next few months include a black pair of everyday school shoes and Spanx tights.

Does anyone know of a place a Canadian gal can order Spanx online? I have come to realize that I don't like shopping in stores any more (6 out of 7 of my items were bought online).


  1. Nordstrom ships to Canada and I think they now do free shipping to Canada becasue I changed the default to Canada and it still says free shipping. Could be very exciting for you!

  2. Hi KDot,
    I love your new system. You're only 30! I'm feeling ancient here at 41 but never mind.
    I have bought Spanx from JCrew, but it might be pricier. It's hard for me to get out to a city shopping, but price around you might find it at a good deal online, let me know if you do!

  3. Thanks for letting me know Ms. Mindless. RDog will be especially glad to hear this!

    Dani, you don't look 41! I will let you know what I find.

  4. I love the idea to post everything I purchase!

    I'll start this the end of this month and we'll just forget about August though okay?, ha ha.

    (Hmmm Will things I purchased in August but haven't arrived yet count for August or September?) ;)

    Have you tried Assets by Sara Blakely? You can get them at the Bay. Also I've been doing a lot of good shopping on thebay dot com. They carry a lot of great lines and shipping is often free. I've had success with really quick delivery.

  5. Wow, you got masses for that, you're really good at making money go far, well done!

  6. Urban Blonde, I haven't really checked out the Bay yet but I will now! Thanks!

    Bourbon and Pearls; I'm cheap! :-)

  7. Do you have Marshall's in Canada? There was a Spanx item I thought was cool...and expensive(!), but I found some in Marshalls seriously marked down.

  8. What a great idea... I am not sure I'd really like doing this because I might be really ashame of my spending :::blushing::: and I am quite more than 30 ;-)