Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Purchases

October Purchases

J Crew Ruffled Shirt via EBay (not shown) - $6.46
Forever 21 Flowers - $ 16.61
Lands End Canvas Cardigan in blue and green - $15.00 each
Spanx Tights via EBay - $22.89
Old Navy Ruffled Shirt - $5.09
Old Navy Color Blocked Shirt - $12.75
Old Navy Skirt in gray and green- $5.00 each
Old Navy Skirt - $6.00
Old Navy Dress - $9.00
Old Navy Jacket - $16.00
Lands End Canvas T-shirt (not shown) - $3.00
Land's End Canvas Turtleneck (not shown) - $3.00
Old Navy skirt - $23.00
Old Navy T-shirt - $8.97
Land's End Canvas scarf - $11.99
J Crew Cami - $18.97
Land's End Canvas gingham shirt (not shown) - $6.00

Total: 209.73

I went into Old Navy one day this month to do a return and was hit with a motherload of a sale. I couldn't resist. The prices seem to be a lot lower in store lately.

I also did pretty well with the Land's End Canvas Classified sale.

November's wishlist - still looking for black everyday school shoes and dreaming of brown riding boots that fit my extraordinarily large calves.


  1. Not the cheapest boots around but Duo boots are well made, can be ordered in any calf size, ship free and because they come from the UK you get the tax off (20%). They are the only boots that I've had that actually fit!! Check them out www.duoboots.com

  2. If you find some good boots let me know. I am part of the big calf family too :)

  3. Closet Crisis, I"m cheap :-)

    Thanks for the recommendation Jo. I will check out that site.

    Eek, the big calf family sucks :-( I hate not being able to wear boots.

  4. Also a member of the hiker's-calves club - I have found that Ecco boots fit me well and they almost always have some variation on a riding boot at this time of year. Not cheap, but extremely well made so they'll last for years (and you can always wait for a sale). SoftMoc carries them if you don't have an Ecco store nearby.

  5. How do you like the Old Navy color block tee? I thought it fit a little odd...but it's probably my body type that is odd. Love the color you picked out!