Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Abandoned Airstrip Willies

December 4, 2011

December 4, 2011

Sweater: Gap
Skirt: Old Navy
Boots: Naturalizer

A few months ago, RDog and I were checking out our house on Google Earth when we found what looked to be an airstrip nearby. We hit the back roads in his Jeep and explored until we found it. Sure, enough our country neighborhood boosts an abandoned airstrip and airplane hanger. I vowed we would go back to take blog pictures near the hanger.

Sunday we were driving home after satisfying my post-bachelorette party craving for a burger when we decided to give an airstrip picture a try. However, it didn't go as planned.

RDog wanted to get a shot of me against the juxtaposition of the beat up metal hanger. Notice the absence of any kind of building in the background.

When we pulled up to the hanger and got out of the car, we heard this REALLY loud banging. Too loud to be simply the wind banging the metal walls. It sounded like a freaked out person throwing themselves against the hanger walls or a bear.

Both prospects are not pleasant so we situated ourselves slightly away from the hanger for these pictures. I could still hear the banging though, hence the slightly panicked look on my face.

I could see the headlines: "Local Teacher Mauled by Bear While Taking Fashion Blog Pictures at an Abandoned Country Airstrip."

Not the way I want to go.

So we hustled back in the car and took off, vowing to return at a bear free time for more pictures.

It might be a while before that happens though. Abandoned airstrips now give me the willies.


  1. these photos and outfit are so ridiculously AMAZING! and i really like the idea of a bear living in an airplane hanger...maybe he's training to be a pilot? :)

    dash dot dotty

  2. Haha! Too funny!

    You look great, and the pics are beautiful.

  3. Love the color of your skirt- so pretty!

  4. I would have been freaked out myself and booked it outta there asap! I love the maxi skirt on you, it's such a great look!

  5. Pretty outfit. I would have run away really, really fast thinking of a bear!

  6. RDog wanted to go check it out and was upset I wouldn't let him. He was convinced it was the wind.