Wednesday, May 9, 2012

White Cat on an Apartment Roof




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Today I was entertained at school by two cats on a roof.

My classroom is in the basement so my windows don't have a very good view. They are very high so all I can see out my window is the top floor of a house turned apartment across the street. I often sit at my desk and watch the cats in window of this apartment.

Today, I glanced over and noticed that the window was open and a cat was crawling out of it on to the roof.

My first thought was, "Holy *&^V, that cat is going to fall off the roof and die."

Then I noticed another cat already out on the roof just relaxing in the sun.

I watched them for a few minutes and thought about going across the street to warn the owners. This place is really sketchy (there have been a few drug raids and I have witnessed people hanging around the door of the next door apartment smoking up).

Before being a hero, I mentioned it to the teacher next door and he said he sees them out there all the time and not to worry. And he reminded me that the apartment building is really sketchy and please don't go over there.

My students also reiterated this story. Apparently, lots of students like to watch the cats when the are bored in class (of course, not in my class, they would never be bored in my class).

So I didn't warn the owners that they are crazy for letting their cats chill on the roof of a three story building but I did keep a close eye on the cats all afternoon.

Then I came home and hugged my cats (who would never be allowed to be roof explorers).

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