Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Maternity Style Must Haves

Now that my pregnancy is winding to a close (three more days until my due date), I thought I'd share some of the things that worked and didn't work for me style-wise this pregnancy.

What I loved

Old Navy Rib-Knit Tanks

ON Tank
Lately, I have been wearing one of these tanks tops pretty much any day I am not wearing a dress. They are perfect combined with a stretchy skirt. There were also handy in the spring to layer underneath cardigans and blazers. I wish I hadn't bought any maternity shirts; having a collection of these tanks in different colors would have been sufficient. I did try the Motherhood Maternity tanks as well, which were not ribbed, and didn't like them as much. The ribbing really did a great job in hiding the ugliest bras ever, aka maternity bras. 

Dresses (from Motherhood Maternity and Old Navy)
dress collage

Pants stopped working for me early in my pregnancy as a result of some painful fibroids and passive weight gain to my thighs. That combined with the summer heat made dresses the best option for me. These three are my favorite and are on heavy rotation lately. Usually I am a polyester snob, but my favorite maternity dress (the polka dot dress) is polyester. It is so easy to wear and clean. I recommend  buying dresses in easy- to-wear-fabrics for maternity days.

Maxi dresses and skirts (from Old Navy)

Maxi collage
Wearing a maxi dress or skirt feels like pajamas to me. Since pregnancy is so damn uncomfortable in the first place, it's nice to be able to wear comfy clothes. The two dresses got a lot of wear in the spring and they are not even maternity (I just sized up).

My last maternity must-have is a swimsuit. I'm not going to post pictures of me in my Motherhood Maternity swimsuit because that image does not have to be on the internet. But I recommend to anyone who is pregnant in the summer and has water access, to definitely take advantage of it and invest in a good swimsuit.

 I was in the pool everyday the weather permitted it and it made me feel so good! I could forget about the random aches and pains of baby-growing for a bit. It also  made me feel good to be in a swimsuit that fit properly. I could have tried to squeeze into last year's suit or buy a new non-maternity suit in a larger size but for me it was really worth it to pay the extra money for a well-fitting suit.

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