Friday, February 5, 2010

Out of my comfort zone

This post will contain no references to the extreme cold I am living in because RDog says my blog complains too much about the FREAKING COLD.

Blazer: Reitman's - This is what takes my outfit out of my comfort zone. I have never worn a blazer before. I found this one on sale at Reitman's for $14.99. I thought it would be a good starter blazer. If I don't end up wearing it, it's no big loss. I'm really digging it today though and hope it will open up the blazer world for me.

Sweater: Victoria's Secret

Skirt: H&M

Belt: Martin and Osa - This is actually a men's belt I scored on super sale last summer.

Boots: Naturalizer

Necklace: Martin and Osa


  1. That blazer is perfect! Definitely the perfect starting point, and I love it paired with that bright skirt.

  2. Oh I love the splash of red! And I constantly spend my days complaining about how cold I am. In fact, I am freezing cold right now!!!

  3. Very cute! I am in the same boat - just bought my first blazer recently. I still haven't worn it, but I will soon. Love the skirt!

  4. The blazer is great on you! A great starter.

  5. Thanks ladies. RDog wasn't a fan of this outfit so it's nice get reassurance that I did not look like a doofus. I think he is just not down with how blazers are worn these days. He wanted me to wear it with a matching skirt. Boys!

  6. I have been looking for a red skirt for weeks! And here you are with one that looks perfect. I'm guessing (with my luck) it's no longer in stores? Those are great looking boots too!

  7. e, I just found the skirt last week. It was in H&M's sale section for 7 dollars!