Monday, February 8, 2010

Pink Lady

Jacket: Thrifted - It's a silk blazer that has the tag "ICE". I was a bit hesitant of wearing this because it is quite different from my norm. I received many compliments on it today so that made me feel good!

Sweater shell: J Crew's jackie

Necklace: J Crew

Skirt: Cassis

Boots: Naturalizer


  1. I like this look a lot--very sophisticated and ladylike. Sometimes it's good to get out of "the norm"! By the way, I found that red skirt! My H+M didn't have it, but I found it magically at a resale shop in my size. I think I'm going to sew down that front pleat, but otherwise it's perfect. Thank you--red sk

  2. (cont'd...sorry)
    irt problem solved!

  3. Just read you latest post- wanted to let you know that I really like this look on you!

  4. E, I'm glad you found the skirt.

    Aneets, thank you! I always worry a little bit when no one says anything at all about my outfit. I thought to myself, "It wasn't THAT bad, or was it?" Oh the self doubt I put myself through. . .

  5. That little pink jacket is lovely! It's good to stretch beyond what you normally like sometimes.