Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yard Sale Treasures

I"m, a big fan of the yard sale. Sometimes others' junk can really be treasure. I haven't been doing the yard sale thing this summer because of our impending move. Every time, I thought about stopping at a sale, I'd think, "Do I REALLY want to make more stuff?" However, last weekend my mother convinced me to join her for the day for a 75 kilometer long sale back home in Nova Scotia.

Nothing beats a good country yard sale. And if I can find a country yard sale run by little old ladies, I am in heaven. I sometimes think there is a little old lad hiding inside me because I love tea cups and old dishes. I usually only look at dishes and don't bother with clothing. However, last weekend I struck gold in the clothing and accessories department.

I found these scarves at a little old lady church yard sale (those are seriously the best yard sales ever). They must have came from a traveler who somehow ended up in rural Nova Scotia. I found scarves with labels from Saks, Holts and Yves Saint Laurent. Those are definitely not stores around here. The best part: the price. 10 cents each! I scooped up 6, gave them a loonie and told them to keep the change. After all, it WAS a church sale. :-P

Another sale, another little old lady. I found this belt which Ruby likes to smell, for $2. It was probably one of my most expensive purchases of the day.

Of course I found lots of antique dishes and books, which are great things to buy at a yard sale. We packed those treasures into a box to leave at my parents house until I move. That way there are a few less things for us to move into the big house.

My mother also scored with a vase from her crystal set that she found for 50 cents! It was in perfect condition.

Are there any other fans of the yard sale? What was the best treasure you ever found?


  1. So funny your post is about yard sale find today. What a coincidence, I got thrift store finds! =)


  2. *Sharp intake of breath* You scored again! Can't wait to see your finds in your outfits, esp. the pink one with the buildings...Congrats!!

  3. 20 York Street, thrift store finds are fun! I find a lot of fancy old tea cups at Value Village.

    Thanks Closet Crisis. The pink one has a London theme. I will have to make it a goal to actually wear them and just not have them sit in a drawer!

  4. Wow! Nice work!
    I would have fought you for the pink one!

  5. I am so coveting your finds! I collect vintage hankies/scarves etc. I love the red YSL one! I just might have to hit the flea market this weekend!

    PS they can look great framed too! Make great art for your new walls!

  6. Best yard sale find: a coach purse in basic black for $2 and yes it is the real thing!