Monday, January 10, 2011

Just Me

January 10, 2011

It was my first day back at work today and we had a meeting day which means sit on your butt and listen to someone else talk all day. It's a nice way to come back after vacation because my mind doesn't have to be 100% sharp. Anyways, I knew I would be doing lots of sitting so I wanted to be cozy and comfortable.

Sweater: Martin and Osa
Top: Forever 21
Pants: Gap
Boots: Naturalizer

It was very freeing confessing my weight gain to you a couple of day ago. Last night while picking out today's outfit, I felt great. I popped 5 outfits together within a half an hour. Before Christmas vacation, I would debate on clothes for a loooong time. I was so worried about looking thin and good for my blog picture. Like seriously, an hour to pick out one outfit. That's sad and a major waste of my time. It's feels nice to just be me.


  1. So happy to see the outfit pictures back! You look great, and I'm glad you feel free to be yourself. Clothing/style/fashion are creative outlets that you should always feel good about and have fun with.

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better about your clothes, your outfits, etc.

    I like the color of your cardi. Can't wait to see the other ones you picked out!

  3. Thanks overcaffeinated and eek. . . you two are some of the sweetest bloggers out there :-)

  4. Here you are, in pants again! Love to see your outfit posts, and I love your hair tied up in a knot so we can see your pretty profile.

  5. I love Martin & Osa sweaters. They are the coziest & always came in great colors. So sad they're no longer around!

    You look great with your hair pulled back. Lovely outfit. :)

  6. Closet Crisis, all the snow we've been having lately makes me want to wear pants. . . so much more cozier.

    Kristen, I agree. They are the coziest sweaters!