Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August Purchases

August Purchases

Old Navy Tank tops: $3.50 x2
Old Navy Chambray Cap-sleeve Dress: $23.06
Banana Republic Leather Link Bracelet: $12.49
Naturalizer Engrid Shoes: $33.89

Total: $76.44

Not too much shopping going on for a couple of reasons. First of all, I'm really kind of freaked out about not having a pay cheque for the next year. I do get employment insurance benefits but it amounts to about half of my normal pay cheque so there will be some definite changes to spending habits. I'm also not sure what is going to happen to my body postpartum. I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy (50 pounds) and have no idea what's going to happen to that when baby comes.

I'm not sure if the dress will be a keeper. I'll give it a few weeks and see how it fits postpartum. It should be ok because a chunk of my pregnancy weight gain went to my thighs. I predict lots of comfy dresses in my wardrobe for this fall until I get back into work-out mode. Dresses are the best for hiding chunky thighs!

The shoes are my birthday shoes. Naturalizer always sends out a $15 off coupon for birthdays so I always get a pair of sandals on super sale.

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