Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bad Blogger

I'm feeling like a bad blogger lately because I just haven't been feeling the blogging thing. We are in the process of moving and a lot of my clothes and accessories are packed making it harder for me to throw together pretty outfits. The new house has also inspired me to start reading home decorating blogs. I may get into the home decor vibe here in a few weeks. Look out for some new house pictures in about two weeks (eek!).

What I wore today:

Dress: Land's End Canvas - I think a lot of bloggers bought this dress when it went on super sale. It's very comfortable but a little bit wrinkle prone.

Flip flops - Simply Vera from Kohl's - These feel nicer that my plastic Old Navy version. I don't feel grungy if I wear them out to Costco. Yup, Costco was my big trip out for today. I spent $175 on cleaning materials. Lots of house cleaning is in my near future.

Belt: Forever 21
Hat: H&M
Sunglasses: these are RDog's Raybans that I "borrowed" for today.


  1. Oh this outfit is super fresh! I've been wanting to buy from Land's End but still hesitating because of shipping and customs!

  2. It's not too bad for Canadians. I found a free shipping code, the dress was $26 and the duty and taxes were $8. I will buy when there is a super sale and free shipping.

  3. KDot the dress is great on you!
    You must be excited for your move. There are so many homedec blogs too: really inspiring!
    Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your new maison!

  4. ooo! love that dress on you! good luck with the move, may all your breakables survive your move. have fun with your new digs. when I got my place couple of years ago I had so much fun planning (and fretting) and decorating.

  5. Thanks Dani! I am super excited. Hopefully this will be our forever home. It will be great to have room to breathe and room in our kitchen for a microwave. Yup our kitchen is that small!

    Thanks Closet Crisis. :-) I'm such a control freak that I am going to move all my breakable treasures myself. We have a week between our closing date and moving date and the new house is just down the street so I think it will be easy for me to truck all my treasures ((tea cups and china mostly) in my car. That way, if something breaks, I only have myself to blame!

  6. Forgot to tell you I tagged you at my blog! Please check it on this new-ish post: We Are Now Listed!


  7. You look cool & casual. The hat? Loves!