Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Dress: Boden
Belt: Joe Fresh
Shoes: J Crew
Moth: Giant

You know you live in the country when moths the size of your hand attach themselves to your house. RDog put his googling skills to use and declared that it is a luna moth. I'm just glad that it is a peaceful creature that will do me no harm. I am not ashamed to admit that when I first spied the moth, I ran away shrieking. Living in the country may take some getting used to . . .


  1. Love the color of the dress. Is it a fabric that you could put a shirt under or a cardigan over to wear into fall?

  2. Great colors today! I love the moth too :)

  3. Thanks Megilon. The dress is linen so I may be able to wear it for another month with a cardi on top.

    Thanks eek. I'm such a silly girl, I thought the moth was a bat at first!

  4. Love the pink against the siding. Great backdrop for your outfit.

    oh lord. nature. :0

    The first time I went camping I couldn't sleep about for like 2 days. It wasn't the sight of the critters, it was the noise! The country sounds completely different from the city, and it took some getting use to...

  5. This belt is so awesome K! I wish I went to Joe Fresh for this. Is that a moth on the wall?



  6. I think the moth is beautiful in it's own way... but anyone could see how great you look in that dress! I love the color; it's one of my favorites to wear because it doesn't make my pale skin look cold or translucent. I'm also curious if it could be layered under for fall?

    -Laurel Ann

  7. Closet Crisis, I totally agree with you about the country sounding different. We've been out here for a week and I'm finally getting used to the night sounds. The first few nights were sleepless for me.

    20 York Street, I wish Joe Fresh had more belts and accessories. They're great but are not around very often!.

    Laurelann, I agree. the moth is very pretty. I was very sad to find out that they only live for a week. Poor moth,

  8. Wow, that is some big moth! Itlooks pretty though. So do you! Nice dress.