Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pink Toenails and F-Bombs

April 5, 2011

Pants: Gap
Top: Gap
Shoes: Naturalizer

Today's outfit was all about the shoes. It was warm enough so I could go sock-less. I also have a fresh pedicure so I took advantage of both facts and wore these cute animal print shoes. You'll have to take my word on their cuteness; I was much too tired to get a better photo of them.

Today's work day involved splitting up a fight in my English class. A boy and a girl started going at it in my class today. I hauled the boy out of the room while he yelled the "f-bomb" repeatedly. Pretty much the whole school heard it, he was so loud. It wasn't directed at me; in fact, they both came to see me (separately) to apologize before they went home. This class just has A LOT of personal drama that seeps into class. It's the smallest class I've ever taught (10 students) but one of the toughest.

Sigh, tomorrow is another day. Tonight, I drink wine!


  1. Sorry to read about the kids in your class. You look lovely! Drink one for me too! :)

  2. Sassy! Love that you're getting to break out the summer shoes - I heart pedicure season. :)

    Haley @ Cardigan Junkie

  3. Sorry about the tough class. Glad they both apologized at least! You look fantastic.

  4. tough day indeed. you deserve a bottle--er, glass--of wine! ;)

  5. Wine!? I woulda skipped straight to sherry or something harder ;) You look FIERCE in your outfit! I would NOT be dropping the F bomb if you were my teacher!

  6. Haley, pedicure season is the best. It makes me happy whenever I look down and see my pink toes peeking out!

  7. Thanks overcaffeinated. I've learned not to take anything personal when it comes to students anymore. If this happened during my first year of teaching, I'd be a wreck!

  8. LOL Kimchi girl, I'll save the bottle for Friday night when I don't have to worry about getting up the next morning.

  9. LOL Closet Crisis. Kids these days use the f-bomb SOOOOO much in their conversations today. I think it is losing some of the shock value it had when I was a kid.