Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Story Of a Coat - J Crew's Lady Day

I wrote last week about agonizing over a coat purchase. I ended up ordering J Crew's Lady Day Coat unsure if it would fit properly. My coat finally arrived, just in time for spring. :-)

Lady day

I go between two sizes at J Crew and went with my bigger size based on the reviews I read online. I'm glad I did! There is no room to spare in the shoulders or in the bust. In fact, the buttons are pulling a little bit. But other than that slight pulling, I love this coat. It really does make feel like a lady.

RDog has suggested that I think about getting the buttons moved. What do you think? Is it good the way it is or should I take it to a tailor for some button movement?


  1. Based on the photo, I think it is great as is. However, if it feels uncomfortable at all when you are moving around, a trip to the tailor may be a good idea.

    It is a beautiful coat!

  2. I love how well fitted the coat looks. but i do know how it feels when there isn't much wiggle room. if it does bother you, i'd suggest doing so as i've had buttons moved before and it's quite easy! :)

  3. Thanks for the feedback ladies/ I guess I have at least 6 months to ponder on it. Hopefully I won't need to wear it for many months!