Saturday, May 25, 2013

26 Weeks

26 weeks

How far along: 26 weeks

Development:  Our little monkey is the size of an eggplant

Movement: He was quiet this week. I thought it was because he missed the sound of his Daddy's voice (RDog was away all week for work).  He started dancing again today now that RDog is home.

Weight Gain: I'm going to stop answering this question. The weight gain has been stressing me out so I'm trying not to focus on it. I did do a better job of eating well this week. I didn't rely so much on salads to get me through the day like I was a few weeks ago (resulting in some dizzy spells) but I didn't go crazy with the crab cravings (my latest cravings have been for bagels with peanut butter - I indulged with 2 this week, not one everyday! I've also been doing a pregnancy workout dvd everyday.

Maternity Clothes:  Most things. I'm kind of fed up with my cheap maternity clothes from Old Navy so I splurged and ordered six new dresses  from Motherhood Maternity. I really should be done with maternity shopping. The only thing I might need is a pair of shorts.

Stretch Marks:  None yet. 

Best moment of my week:  When RDog came home last night! He brought presents for me and the baby!

Worst moment:  No single moment stands out as being bad. There just has been an overall theme of me being really cranky at work and kids really annoying me. I'm ready for summer vacation.

Sleep:  Good. Even with RDog gone all week, I still managed to get lots of zzz's

Miss Anything:  I'd love a cosmo

Food Cravings: Tim Hortons chocolate chip muffins and sesame seed bagels with crunchy peanut butter

Aversions:  None

Gender:  Baby Boy

Symptoms: Not too many this week. It was a good week. The only weird thing going on are my fibroids. They are really popping out. I can look down sometimes and see the bumps. It's really gross.

Belly Button: Slowly moving out

Rings:  On

Moody or Happy:  Pretty happy most of the time. Except when students annoy me.

Looking Forward: The end of work. I have exactly one month left!

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