Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beauty Must-Have: Green Beaver

They sound like a naughty product but Green Beaver products are a beauty must-have for me. Why are the products so great? They are 100% natural, with no harsh scents and are easy on my sensitive skin. The more I age, the more sensitive I become to scents and beauty products. Anything that isn't hypo-allergenic and scent-free turns my skin into a red, itchy mess. Green Beaver makes my skin feel soft and smooth. The products do have a scent but because they are made with natural ingredients, it is a slight scent. Here are a few of my favorite Green Beaver products.

Daily Facial Cleanser with purifying grapefruit & soothing aloe
This is my everyday cleanser. It has a grapefruit smell and is gentle on my skin. When I first started using this product, along with the blemish mousse, my breakouts drastically decreased. That was fantastic. It is embarrassing to teach 14 year-olds and sometimes have more pimples than they.

Facial Exfoliant with gentle bamboo micro-fibers, purifying grapefruit & soothing aloe
I use this badboy a few times a week as my exfoilant. It is gentle enough to feel like I'm not ripping my skin off. Again, it has that great grapefruit smell.

Blemish Mousse with antibacterial lemon extracts and soothing witch hazel
This product is Green Beaver's true star. It has made my pimples go away without drying out my skin with harsh chemicals. I used it to replace the old Clear N' Clean toners I've been using since high school.

I also use Eye Make Up Remover with soothing aloe and vitamin E. I have not had any horrible reactions to it, so that's makes it a winner in my books. I can tell you horror stories about what Avon make-up remover did to my face. The Day Facial Moisturizer with soothing aloe & anti-oxidant green tea was too rich for my oily skin so I use it as a hand moisturizer instead.

Each of these products cost around 15 dollars and are found in many health food stores. If you are looking for natural, gentle facial products, I highly recommend trying this line.

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