Friday, March 20, 2009

Testing out Forever 21

In my daily blog reading, I've been seeing a few ladies wearing items from Forever 21. This week, I placed my first order as a test to see how I like F21. I ordered the Pearl Glory Bracelet and Faux Pearl Cluster Necklace on Wednesday. I came home today to find a Purolator slip on my door. My F21 order had arrived. That was quick! After the long, long drive out to the Purolator depot, I had my new pearl jewellry in my hands.

First off, let's start with the Faux Pearl Cluster Necklace.
This was $9.80. I wouldn't pay any more than that for it. I like the look of the necklace as it is a replica of the much pricier J Crew version. However, the gold feels and looks cheap. But, overall, I am fairly pleased with this purchase.

The Pearl Glory Bracelet was also $9.80. This bracelet is just an ok for me. The bracelet is actually two strands that are only attached each other at the clasp. As a result, it hangs in an odd way on my wrist. But at only $10, it's no big waste. I'll give it a try with a few outfits and see how it works.

I'm not sure if I'll order from F21 again. The shipping was quick but expensive. The items were cheap in cost but it shows.

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