Saturday, March 14, 2009

M&O Rage = JC $$$

Yesterday I received an email from Martin & Osa stating:

Dear KBear,
We have received your merchandise return and issued a credit for your order as follows:


Moody Rose Silk Shift Dress
SKU: 4010341875 Class-Style: 1752-2915 Size: 6

Stretch-Satin Shift Dress
SKU: 4010316455 Class-Style: 1754-2853 Size: 6

Funny thing is, I sent those items back to be exchanged for another size. So I called M&O to see what is up. Their response; they don't do exchanges for Canadians. That's fine, but they should tell their Canadian customers that fact at some point before they send items back for an exchange! When I originally received my two lovely dresses that unfortunately did not fit, I called M&O for instructions on how to return them in exchange for another size. The customer service agent I spoke to, never once did mention that Canadians cannot exchange. The form I filled out and sent back with the dresses did not mention the fact either. If I had known Canadians could not exchange items, I would have ordered the right size immediately and waited for my refund. Now, several weeks later, I find out this out and the items I want are no longer available. Boo, M&O. Guess I won't be taking part in your extra 20% off promotion.

So instead, I spent my money at J Crew. I recently found out that I can ship my J Crew items through Canada Post and not UPS and therefore, save the high UPS duty fees. I filled an order this morning as a test to see if I will save any money. I find that Canada Post is often slack in collecting duty fees. It will also be nice not to have my J Crew packages chucked on the doorstep like UPS does. I found lots of goodies on J Crew this morning including my favorite, the Merino Lea Cardigan. I have it in navy, pink and purple and snagged one today in desert brown. I also found some great tanks, a hoodie, the Nicky skirt that I've been eying for awhile and few other pieces. Hopefully, Canada Post does not take too long to deliver.

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