Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another day, another bomb threat . . .

Blouse: Banana Republic - It's so soft
Vest: Sears - found on super clearance online last weekend
Belt: Joe Fresh
Pants: Tommy Hilfiger - These are one of the pants that fit my thighs but it huge on the waist. They can only be worn with a belt.
Shoes: Cole Haan

It was a crazy day at school. We had another bomb threat. Yes, another; we had one last week too. Silly kids keep on calling them in, thinking they are going to get out of class. It's ridiculous how many resources are wasted in having emergency personnel rush to the school and then investigate the matter after wards. Grrrrrr!


  1. Beautiful sweater!! I really like this outfit it seems perfect for work, I will have to try something like this sometime.

  2. Argyle fall-ish!

    The bomb threat thing always kinda makes me chuckle because when I was in middle school, one year, we had this string of about 10 bomb threats. We would have one every couple of days. Fortunately, they were nice weather days. But oh, the time we spent sitting outside in the grass...

  3. That's terrible! Don't they know how much trouble they can get into???

    At least you look lovely, as per usual. Were you able to dodge the neighbour-perv?

  4. The neighbor-perv was not spotted during the taking of this picture. He was probably hiding behind his curtains.