Tuesday, October 13, 2009

RDog's first Martin and Osa order

RDog grew jealous of my Martin and Osa orders so he decided to do some spending on his own last week. He had a code for %25 off and free shipping. And he let me throw a few itens into his cart so good deals were had by all. Her is what he got:

Leather Motorcycle Jacket
He is not allowed to get an actual motorcycle so this is the cloest he will ever get to a cool biker look. He is digging the jacket and says it is nice and thin, perfect for fall layering.

Under the jacket is the Cotton-Wool Exposed Seam V-Neck Ringer Sweater. Boy, that is a mouthful.

This sweater has disappeared from Martin and Osa's site and I don't remember the name. I like it because it is nice and tight. RDog responded by flexing his muscles. Here's a hint RDog: don't pose in a silly fashion when your wife is standing in front of you with a camera. She WILL post it on her blog.

More on my new duds to come.


  1. Nice jacket, Rdog. Me ilkey. Love the vneck, too. Great green color. I hope it's green. Not sure about the pose, but glad you feel good. Yes, you've enter Woman World, so you get ribbed a bit.

    KDot -- How *did* you get him to pose? ::jealous::


  2. Great jacket & sweater. How did you get him to pose?

  3. I just told him to pose. . . and he did. He has been in training for many years. :P
    He looked at my blog tonight and moaned, "Not that pose". Mwhahahaha.

    Gigi, you're right. It's a great green color. RDog is stuck in a blue, beige, and black rut so I insisted that he try a different color. But he is firm on his no red rule. Silly boys