Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Outfit of the day

I didn't have a lot of options for today's outfit. Today was my school's outdoor walk and pep rally. I had to dress warm and in school colors with comfy shoes. Voila, here it is.

Skirt: Nygard
Fooler sweater: RW & Co
Shoes and tights: Sears
Bracelet: J Crew

It was dark and rainy today. I should have used a flash for this picture. These tights are the newest addition to my collection. They have a neat stripe going through them. After seeing the cool tights in J Crew's September catalog, I was craving tights. I found these at Sears for $2! Much better that $25 at J Crew. Now I think it's time to expand to colored tights.


  1. My school's colors are purple and gray too! (if I'm seeing your colors correctly...) Cute outfit. Love the collared shirt peeking out underneath the sweater!

  2. You're correct. The outfit is purple and gray. Our school colors are purple and white. I was close enough.