Wednesday, May 12, 2010

House House Dreams

Sweater: J Crew
Tank: Costco
Belt: Danier Leather
Sjkirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Naturalizer
Tights: Spanx - I'm wearing tights in May - yuck!

I have to apologize; I've been kind of distracted and not into the whole blogging/clothes thing in the past week. House things have taken top priority. Last week, RDog and I made an offer on a house. Then RDog slept on it and got cold feet. :P He is usually a pretty calm and collected guy so seeing him so nervous was a big sign to me that we needed to put a halt on this house thing. So we did.

We're still looking for the right house and hopefully we will be in our "house house" by this time next year. I have a specific vision of what my dream house is and they don't come on the market very often. "House house" requirements: just outside city limits, 1 acre plus lot, 2 story house with a veranda, separate dining room, BIG closets, newish and lots of room to grow into. We'll find it or build it eventually.

In the meantime, I'm getting this house in order so we can sell it quickly when the time comes. My latest project is painting our living room and dining room. This painting thing is hard work, especially in a creaky old house. I'm taking a break tonight and will be catching up in the blogging world. I have a long list of blogs to read!

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