Saturday, May 1, 2010

Maxi Train

I've been wanting to hop aboard the maxi train for some time now but had trouble finding a maxi dress that didn't make me feel like I was five months pregnant. I found this one at Old Navy a few weeks ago that fit the bill. I had to size waaaaaay down to an extra small. It feels nice to take an extra small instead of my usual size medium; an example of how vanity sizing can feel good.

Dress: Old Navy
Tank: Old Navy
Scarf: Old Navy
Sandals: Clark's


  1. I like that on you. I too am trying to find a maxi that looks decent.

  2. Love it. I teach in my maxi dresses all the time...much easier to run around with my ten year olds, and they look so pulled together.

  3. Thanks Spiffy!

    Erin, I think this dress too, can make the transition to the classroom with the addition of a cardigan. It will be great for hot June days when my classroom gets so hot!

  4. What a pretty color, and I like how you styled it. I have been considering a maxi dress for the past few summers but haven't found the right one. Maybe I'll go check out ON!

  5. Cute! I recently saw a post on how to jazz up a Target maxi and make it even cuter: