Friday, April 30, 2010

Land's End Review

A couple of weeks ago, I placed my first Land's End order. I had read good things about Land's End Canvas on a few blogs and they were having an extra 25% off and free shipping sale. I ordered the Heritage Cardigan in dark chocolate.

The Good

  • My sweater came super fast. I ordered on Sunday and it arrived on Thursday. That is fast shipping to Canada!
  • What really made my order extra special was this thank you card I received this week. It is handwritten by a real person and not computer generated in an attempt to look like real writing.

How awesome is that!

The Bad

  • My cardigan was too big! The sizing is definitely bigger than J Crew's Jackie cardigan. However, to return my sweater, I had to mail it to an address in Canada which is easier and cheaper for me!
  • The only shipping option was UPS. I'm not a fan of UPS because they lack common sense when delivering my packages. I've had some parcels dumped in some pretty unusual pl;aces. Computer parts left out in the rain and snow = not cool. I prefer Canada Post so packages are not left on the doorstep exposed to the elements and shifty people who help themselves. Canada Post can also sometimes be lax with charging duty. With UPS, the duty is always charged (but it is always upfront)

My Verdict
I will definitely order again. Great customer service, quick shipping and super sales means a happy KDot.


  1. I LOVE Lands End - they have the best swim suits, basics and customer service. In the US, we can take returns to Sears at no cost - which is a big plus. Hope the new size works out; I, too, always have to get a smaller size than my "normal" size. Sometimes I'm even a XS!

  2. How did I not know about this? I see at least 7 things I want - many of them would go w/ our giant turquoise necklace. :)

    I'll work on a post...

  3. Nice! Their Canvas line looks really great – I kept the catalog I got in the mail so I can browse leisurely. It's good to know a little about their sizing. I just wish that online stores would stick to the measurements they give for their clothes (I find this is often not the case)!

  4. I'm a fan of LEC. I got a hand-written note with my last purchase too, how nice is that!

  5. I found their sizing to be about 2 sizes larger than J Crew!

    The handwritten note is such a nice touch--unheard of these days!!

  6. I used to shop at Lands End a lot. Recently I've found their clothing sizes seem to have gotten bigger, so I'm going to switch to petites. In my experience, the quality of LE clothes is VERY good. They hold up well and look great for years.

  7. Wow! An actual handwritten note? That's amazing! I have a couple of Lands' End sweaters and love them - I may have to pick up another because the colors available in this Heritage Cardigan look so fun!

  8. Land's End is the best! I just ordered a bunch of new items for spring...even a leather headband which I LOVE!

    I live in Toronto and us Canadians are able to return Land's End purchases to Sears too!