Tuesday, April 27, 2010

J Crew, You're Alright.

This morning, motivated by the 20% off J Crew sale, I placed an order. I originally had a cart full to meet the $150 free shipping minimum but then thought to myself, "Do I really need all this stuff?" I then thought about the high duty I was also most likely going to have to pay. Out went most of the cart, leaving only what I truly wanted; a Jackie cardigan.

A very sensible order because I wear my Jackies A LOT. However, because it was a small order, I had to pay shipping, quite a bit in shipping actually; $13.50. I grumbled to myself that the 20% off had disappeared and hit submit. Then a little pop-up window appear asking me to do a survey on my purchase. I usually just close these but this time, I thought I'd give myself a vent for my grumbling. I filled out the survey and on the last page where a space for comments is left, I wrote this:

I bought one sweater. It will arrive in an envelope that will have a
shipping charge of under $4. J crew charged me 13.50 for shipping. That
is not right.

Blunt, but it was what I was feeling and I was already late for work. When I got home today, I had a reply in my inbox from J Crew!


Thanks for reaching out. Shipping is charged by the merchandise total
and not the overall weight of the package but it is a one time fee. If
you need an exchange, we'll send it out to you with free shipping.
Also, the cost to ship to Canada is more because of it being
international. All of that said, I am happy to refund your shipping on
this order as soon as it's available for updating. You will see the
credit on your statement in the next 1-2 billing cycles. For further
clarification, I've included the link to our shipping charges below:


If there is anything else I can further assist you with, don't hesitate
to let me know. Please feel free to contact me directly. I have
provided my contact information below for your convenience.

Now, I know it costs more to ship to Canada but I KNOW it doesn't cost 13 bucks to ship a sweater but whatever, I'm happy for now because I got free shipping! This may motivate me to place another order. I'm glad someone actually read my comments but I would like to see an actual change in the shipping prices. So many people complain about J Crew's shipping charges. Why do they stay the same?


  1. I've complained numerous times and asked why they can't charge a flat rate like other companies and gotten lame responses. Once they gave me free shipping but that was it.

  2. Great cardi! Glad you got free shipping...I actually ended up ordering over $150 worth for the free shipping, but since I live in a city with J. Crew I figure I can always return what I don't want.

  3. Lucky you eek! I've never been to a real J Crew, although I plan to go to one this summer when we go to Seattle. I'm going all out at J Crew in July!

  4. I like how they email me offers about free shipping on a $150 order all the time like it's a great deal and I should be excited. I'm not impressed since M+O regularly offers free shipping... though perhaps that's part of why they're not going to be around much longer. :(

  5. That's awesome! I think it's ridiculous how much companies can make off shipping alone. My mom once bought about 15 clearance purses from Target just because she needed the total to be higher to avoid the outrageous shipping!