Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I love pockets in a skirt!

Shirt: Reitman's
Skirt: Old Navy - I love this skirt. Pockets are great. It was only three dollars so my cost per wear is already in the pennies. Fantastic!
Shoes: Naturalizer
Tights: Spanx - Best tights evah! A few of my fellow teachers have given up the tights but I'm not ready yet. I still feel like a snow storm might hit at any moment even though it has been 20 degrees here lately.


  1. I love this skirt too! I have two skirts with pockets, and I have to say- they kick @$$! I never was a 'pocket' person but I am a convert now ;)

  2. Pockets are the best. I have really bad allergies and have to have Kleenex close by. Pockets are great for me to stash an emergency tissue.