Monday, January 24, 2011

J Crew Score

My J Crew 40% sale arrived today and I was pleasantly surprised because I loved everything! Normally, when I order J Crew final sale, I'm disappointed by at least one of the items when it arrives. Not this time. Here are some of my favorite items.

This is the Factory printed stretch cotton sateen pencil skirt. It is unlined and thin so I won't be wearing it any time soon (hello -38 temperatures) but it will be a spring staple. I'm thinking about ordering the plum version as well.
This Vintage cotton amour tank is super pretty in real life. It has beads on each ruffle that really sparkle. You can't beat the price of $11.99.

This is the Factory printed Annalise ruffle cami. I like it because it has pretty ruffles but they're not in your face. I don't like too many fussy things around my face.

And because 10 Jackie cardigans were not enough. This looks really bright in the picture but is a much softer color in real life. I'll have IRL pictures tomorrow because I'll be wearing lots of my new swag.

How did your purchases work out? Did you get some treasures?


  1. Nope, sat out the last 40% off and will be sitting this one out as well. I've got enough winter clothes and it's too darn cold to think about buying for spring. Nice scores, and it's great when you're not stuck with anything you don't love :)

  2. I bought the Factory Annalise ruffle cami too, and I think it is beautiful. I think my biggest steal was the Velvet Schoolboy for $30! I think you picked up some great pieces, and I'm glad nothing was a disappointment!

  3. The only thing I saw from all my purchases is the tweed tatum jacket. I love it, but the sleeves are a tad short. On the fence about what to do...

    I am glad you liked the Annalise cami -- I ordered one as well.

  4. That J Crew pencil skirt is awesome! I haven't shopped recently so no thrills or disappointments over here.

    I'm still laughing at your scratching post. Thanks for the response :) Have a great day!


  5. Closet Crisis, good for you!

    A and P, I've been thinking about J Crew's velvet blazers for a long time - they're so pretty. But I am scared to make the final sale commitment. I have long monkey arms and don't know if the sleeves would be long enough.

  6. Rose, it's tough when final sale items don't work out. I have a pile of things I've been meaning to list on EBay. I'll get to it. . . someday.

    Thanks LaToya and good for you in resisting the shopping urge!

  7. I'm jealous over your steals! You should let us know when you ebay the items that didn't work out. *crosses fingers that we're the same size*

    I passed on the J.Crew sale because the thought of cross-border shipping freaks me out a bit. For 40% off sale, I should probably just give it a try though...