Wednesday, January 12, 2011


January 12, 2010

Sweater: Martin and Osa
Tank: Thrifted
Pants: RW & Co.
Necklace: Joe Fresh
Boots: Naturalizer

I've recently rediscovered my stack of Martin and Osa sweaters that were buried high in my closet. Why haven't I've been wearing these sweaters more often! They're so soft and cozy. A few need a go-over with my pill remover thingy-mo-bobby but other than that, they're great. It makes me miss M&O!


  1. I wore a Anthro cardigan that I had wrapped in M&O tissue paper and I thought, "oh, I miss Martin and Osa." Sigh.

    Love that necklace, btw. Very pretty!

  2. Anthro cardigan. (just letting you know I can use proper grammar, most of the time at least. lol.)

  3. LOL, Dina. I'm an English teacher and I don't use proper grammar most of the time. :P

  4. I miss M&O! I wish I'd bought more pieces from them. This was back when even AE (the teeny bopper store that started it all) had good quality, well-detailed pieces. Sigh. You look very chic in your outfit. Love your hair up like that.