Monday, January 31, 2011

RDog's Fashion Files


Shirt: Gap
Pants: Gap
Belt: Lacoste
Shoes: Spring

For well over a year, I've been trying to convince RDog to wear a gingham shirt. He has always refused, mumbling something about gingham being "too hip and trendy".

Gap recently had a great sale on gingham shirts and I showed RDog but this time I changed the language. I said, "Look at this great checkered shirt".

He bought the gingham, ahem, checkered shirt and loves it.


  1. RDog looks great in his gingham... I mean checkered shirt. I'll have to try changing language with DH so that he'll be a little bit more adventurous.

    May I say how AWESOME RDog is to take a picture for your blog. You both make a gorgeous couple.

  2. Fabulous "checkered" shirt! He looks great.

    I agree with overcarreinated: you make a gorgeous couple :)

  3. awesome! we finally get a look at your DH! May I just say that he looks very smart in his checkered shirt and pants, which fit him very well and are hemmed perfectly. My pet peeve for guys has always been poorly hemmed pants. Agree with the previous 2 posts, you 2 are gorgeous.

  4. Thanks overcaffeinated! I didn't give him much choice - just ordered him to pose. He is pretty obedient. :P

    Thanks eek, you're so sweet. And your hubster is not so bad either. I saw his recent running pictures and was impressed :-)

  5. Closet Crisis, he is still a bit shy about being on my blog but I'm working on it. Thanks :-)

  6. LOL What he doesn't know, won't hurt him. ;) It's a nice looking shirt!