Monday, October 31, 2011

Free Loot

Yesterday was a Shoppers Optimum Points Redemption day. I am not a crazy Shoppers shopper (that's a mouthful). I shop there once every 4-6 weeks. But I always shop on Saturdays that have 20x the points. That way, I get enough points to get $200 worth of stuff fairly quickly. I usually end up getting $600 a year. It's a pretty sweet deal.

Ms. January has a great guide for getting the most out of your points here.

I had a pretty good time on my shopping spree yesterday so I thought I'd share my free loot!

October 30, 2011

To the left there are some baby presents. I have two cousins who have just had babies. There are assorted baby washes and oils, sleepers, little hats and cards.

The pile of junk food is for RDog's birthday party next weekend. He requested lots of nuts and chocolate for snacks.

The wee little pile in the middle are my expensive treats; Dior mascara, Lise Watier eye shadow, L'Oreal powder, face blotting clothes and some contact lens solution.

Free stuff is so fun!

Any other Optimum Points lovers out there?

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  1. I use all of my points in the boutique :O) This weekend is 20x points here. Spend 75 in cosmetics and get 20x the points. Soooo I think I will get all the things I want from Santa and get the points for them :O) It was handy with diapers and formula - I always went to Shoppers for them. I ran out of everything in the last week and had to go today to stock up...I'm a bit miffed I only got the normal amount of points!