Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Topshop at The Bay

I was very excited tonight to receive this email from The Bay:

"TOPSHOP has arrived in Canada. Get it all. Get it now."

Topshop? The trendy line I see in blogs all the time? The store the fabulous Duchess Kate was spotted in last week? Available to lil' ole me in small town Atlantic Canada?

Squuueeeeeeee. Off to I go to do some shopping. Here are my picks.

TOPSHOP Teal Spot Pencil Skirt - Kate Middleton was spotted buying this one. She is my style icon. Nuff said.

Topshop Cobalt Blue Jersey Midi Pencil Skirt - Pencil skirt in a bright color = love.

Topshop Short Mustard Velvet Tie Coat - I love anything with a bow.

Shipping is free to all purchases over $149.

Any Canadians going to be doing some Topshop shopping?


  1. Oooh, I'll have to go look. For some reason I'd never thought to stop online at the Bay?

  2. oh my goodness- that coat is dreamy! (heh...I have an old Zara sparkly coat that I've seen the Kate wearing!)

  3. May be they will come to Luxembourg one day ;-)

  4. Melissa, I don't think The Bay has had online shopping very long. I really like it because my local Bay has really poor selection.

    GreenDress, that is super cool. I think I will get the polka dot skirt just so I have something in common with Kate. I'm a nerd!

    I hope so Stephanie!

  5. They had The Bay online for at least 6 months now. I"ve bought way too much stuff online even though I have a great Bay store 5 minutes from the house. Sometimes the deals just can't be beat!

    And I'm thankful Kdot that you are several provinces east of me as I bought the identical three items from topshop!

    Can't wait to see how you wear them!