Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Purchases

January Purchases

Talbots Silk Charmeuse Cami - $11.99
Talbots Solid tie-shoulder dress - $14.99
Talbots Gabrielle twill dress - $14.99
Talbots Cowl-Neck Dress - $37.79
Old Navy Micro-Pleat Full Ski - $9.00
Talbots Silk Georgette Pleated Skirt - $21.89
Talbots Classic Side Zip Fit Midnight Rinse skinny crops - $11.99
Talbots 1/2" Leather skinny belt - $7.97
Old Navy Turtleneck Sweater - $6.00
Old Navy Turtleneck Sweater - $7.97
Old Navy Turtleneck Sweater - $13.00
Old Navy Wool Cloche Hats - $14.00

Grand Total: $171.58
Not too bad considering I overdosed on needless Talbots items after I discovered an extra %40 off code.

When I am going to learn my lesson and stop buying pants online. They rarely fit. The two pairs I bought this month were final sale and neither were quite right. Baby got back.

I love the two skirts I bought this month. I'm really digging pleats lately.

The turtleneck sweaters were bought because I am always cold and I recently discovered I have neck wrinkles. Aging sucks!

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