Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Typical Friday Night

January 6, 2012

January 6, 2012

Sweater: The Bay
Pants: Caissis
Boots: Naturalizer

Last night we had plans to do a fancy supper out with friends. I had stayed home in my pjs all week and was looking forward to actually leaving the house. I had just finished picking out a pretty sparkly outfit and had put the finishing touches on my hair and makeup when our friends called and canceled (boooo!).

Luckily RDog understood that he was required to still take me out for dinner. I may have whined just a little, "But RDog my makeup is pretty and I have nothing planned for supper."

I traded the sparkles for a cozy sweater because it was gosh darn cold outside and we headed off to a downtown cozy restaurant where I indulged in some seafood chowder (yum). RDog even dropped me up and picked me up at the door so I didn't have to walk in the cold.

What a good man.

Then we headed home to watch a bad movie (The PoolBoys - don't reccommend) and play some SingStar (totally fun).

A typical, relaxing Friday night. How was your Friday night?


  1. The first week was just crazy so Friday was welcome... Love the sweater.

  2. He is indeed a good man.

    I am on vacation... Friday was just like all the other nights... great! :)

  3. Cute blog from your newest follower!

  4. Thanks Jane. Naturalizer is the only place around here that I can find shoes to fit me!

  5. Thanks Stephanie. I'm about to have a crazy week this week - eek!

  6. Welcome Katie. I'm like your blog too! I'm glad to have found another teacher style blog. It's amazing how many of us are out there!