Friday, June 26, 2009

I heart summer!

As my husband pointed out, today was my first real day of summer vacation. He was back to work and I was on my own. I had a great day. DH took me out for lunch (his idea). He works downtown and has many places to choose from for lunch. He also gets a full hour lunch hour. I sometimes get bitter. My lunch is often 5 minutes of me shoving something down my throat and I rarely get the opportunity to leave school for lunch. So his invitation made me happy.

After lunch, I hit the mall and treated myself to a five dollar coffee at Starbucks. I picked up a new pair of sandals that I ordered earlier this week from SoftMoc. Clarks sandals for under $30; can't beat that. I also stopped by Gap and picked up some new underoos for myself and DH. I love Gap under-things. The day was full of "me-treats".

Tonight DH and I are BBQing and relaxing outside with a couple of beverages. It's been a great starting day to summer.

Here is what I wore today.

And in real life:

Skirt: J Crew
Top: Walmart
Shoes: Naturalizer wedges
Purse: Coach
Headband: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Aldo


  1. Hey!

    I found your blog randomly by clicking other people's blog's - I really don't remember how I got here. Sorta creepy hey? :p

    So I've gotten that you're from Canada too, but how do you get stuff from J.Crew? Do you go to the states a lot, or do they actually ship to us Canadians??

  2. What a cute outfit! Looks great with your new purse. It sounds like a nice day for you.

    I remember those days -- teachers don't get time to eat or use the bathroom! Not fair.

  3. Hi Spiffykerms, welcome to my blog.

    Canadians can order from J Crew. If you place an order, just make sure you have it shipped by Canadian Post not UPS. UPS charges a lot of duty upfront. With Canada Post, you have a 1 in 4 chance that they will catch you and charge duty.

    We also go to the States twice a year for our semi-annual outlet shopping trip. The next trip is coming up soon! Yeah!

  4. hooray! congrats on your first day of summer! dontcha just feel so carefree and happy on these days? i really like your top--go walmart!

  5. ^ and I believe that for us Canadians there is never any duty if the purchase is under $60??

    Congrats on being on (well-deserved) summer vacay!!! Yes, a Starbuck's treat was definitely in order. My treat of choice is a skinny vanilla latte!

    I love your skirt and wedges combo btw!!!

  6. My favorite is the skinny vanilla latte too! Yummy!