Saturday, June 27, 2009

In My Back Pocket

Today I'm wearing:

Dress: Smart Set (and it is OLD)
Tank: J Crew
Belt: Forever 21
Bangle: thrifted from EBay
Shoes: Clarks

Last night I gave myself a pedicure using my new bottle of OPI polish. I was inspired by the last J Crew catalog in which all the models were sporting orange nail polish. The shade is called "In My Back Pocket." I think it's the perfect summer shade.


  1. wow, this looks so great on you! have you lost weight? you look so SLIM!!! (not that you weren't before, of course, but you look even slimmer now!)

  2. Thanks AppGal, you made my day!

    The scale was a couple pounds lower this morning, but I don't think it was a true weight loss because I've been snacking a lot at night lately. I started taking apply cider vinegar this week. Maybe that's the cause. But it probably was because I commanded DH to take this picture while he was standing up. I find that angle to be slimming.

  3. I started the ACV this week too!!! yay! :)

    Well, whatever the cause (I doubt it's just the angle) you look great!

  4. Ditto AppGal - you are looking slim, honey. Love the pedi! That's one of the Paige-denim shades, isn't it?

  5. That dress looks awesome on you! I really liked the orange nail polish too, it inspired me to color my toenails barbie-pink (something I'm regretting slightly now)...perhaps I'll have to buy some orange :)