Saturday, June 20, 2009

Outfit of the day

Skirt: J Crew found on EBay
T Shirt: J Crew
Shoes: Clarks
Jewelry: Starfish necklace from The Bay

Clarks are usually so comfortable but I am having a hard time breaking these ones in. My feet are like rectangles; short and wide. These shoes are causing some major pinching but I am determined to work them. Does anyone have any tips for stretching out tight spots in shoes?


  1. Love the blue top (so pretty) and the khaki skirt!

    Re: stretching out shoes, I have shoe stretchers from Target that I use. They are fantastic! Which Clarks are those? They look like a pair I've been eyeing on Zappos...can't remember the name.

  2. Heidi, these are called South Beach.

    I'm on the look out for some shoe stretchers. Thanks

    RedCurlGrl, I'm loving J Crew too. I'm back on the Crewlade. 4 orders within the last few weeks. Ssshh. I hope DH doesn't read my blog's comments.

  3. Love these colors together!