Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reading is fun!

Cardigan: J Crew
Dress: Reitman's
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Belt: Forever 21
Jewelry: Necklace from Forever 21, bracelet from The Bay

My newest Forever 21 order arrived last night and I couldn't wait to try out some of my new find. I love this brown Fab Wide Elastic Belt. It's my first elastic belt and I love the close fit it achieves. The Flower Cluster Necklace has been featured on many blogs and it is a keeper. I received many compliments on it today.

The shoes were quickly changed this morning. I barely made it across the parking lot into school. The heels are very high and my foot slides down as I walk. There is little room at the front so my toes stick out between the straps in a painful way.

Below is a picture of my surroundings.
I set my camera on my computer desk and stand in the doorway of our computer room. My husband is a dork so we have many computers. The bookcase is my part of the room. The stack of books on the floor is part of my summer reading. I can't wait to spend my days drinking coffee in the sun and reading for fun!


  1. Ahhh, that color graded bookcase makes my heart swoon! And you, as usual, look adorable.

  2. I'm obsessive with my books. The bookcase in our living room only has books with black or white covers.

  3. Love the full pic! I put my camera on the footboard of the bed to get my pics.

    Love the dress & cardi on you.